We have done over 26,653 miles, almost 2000 miles more than the distance around the world, and we are only barely done with the western side of USA. That is the vastness of this country!

Initially, I expected Idaho to just be a bunch of potato museums. Unfortunately, the potato museum was closed. But in the end, we even doubted if we should tell you about Idaho. It is a hidden gem of the west and we are afraid to spoil it. Endless hot springs, mountains, lakes, rivers and, of course, friends joining us made the experience even more vivid.

And we are back to the topic of traveling with other people. Nothing can be more exciting than sharing all the passions, findings and experiences with close ones. It brings so much joy and leaves many good memories behind. At the same time, it is a great opportunity for self-reflection through the eyes of familiar people after months of social deprivation. Everyone we know keeps changing, but realizing how much you have changed yourself is overwhelming.

First, only now have I realized how tired we are. How much less we do and how much slower we travel compared to others. In addition to living on the road, we have not had decent sleep for over a year and have to supervise a small human being 24/7 with no grandparents or friends to support us. As a result, I have become less flexible, not forcing myself to go against the flow anymore, but not necessarily less adaptive.

I can remember so many times when I stayed awake because others enjoyed my company late at night or forced myself to finish things when I did not see the point in doing so. I have now realized that quitting this behavior empowered me to free myself of thoughts such as “what’s the point of going on a hike if you do not finish the last 50 meters” or “you will never come back here, so you have to see it all” even if you are already tired and all you want is a glass of wine. I became more about the process than crossing off items on my wishlist.

There is nothing wrong with having a bucket list. But enjoying the process and knowing when to turn back and choose your own wellness is powerful. As Glennon Doyle wrote – it’s easy to lose yourself while pleasing others.

Endless gratitude to friends for visiting us and joining our lifestyle. And even more gratitude for the support. I guess it was our first legit week off of constantly being on parent duty. We already miss you.