Last Visit to Utah


This time Utah was extremely hot. We woke up as early as possible to see the Arches National Park and by 10AM it was already 36C and time to come back home to our air-conditioned trailer. And in the evening, once the sun goes down and the heat subsides, the mosquitoes come out for balance. It was obviously too late in the year (or too early) to come here.

We have crossed so many red canyons as we were traveling hundreds of miles across the high deserts of Utah that I thought nothing can surprise me anymore. However, Bryce Canyon National Park was still incredible. We were lucky to have cloudy skies when we came there and I think we had one of the most pleasant and satisfying hikes down into the canyon and back up.

After the Bryce Canyon, we drove straight to Salt Lake City - probably the most unremarkable major city that I have ever visited. The only interesting thing we found there is the Mormon (Latter-day Saint) culture where everyone is giving you an eerie smile and nothing is open on Sundays, not even the grocery stores.

Fleming Gorge was our absolute very last thing in Utah. It was a really pretty thing to see, but unfortunately the water was still too cold for swimming. It is almost the middle of the summer already and, sadly, I have not been able to find a place to swim yet.

In general, the above listed places left a feeling that you do not belong here. I wonder if that is because of the religious twist of the state or the hot climate. But it was one of those places where you feel like a guest and you are constantly reminded that it is time to leave soon.

However, before leaving I still managed to find some fantastic treasures here. I set a goal to find some religious jewelry which would remind me of this unique place. And I did find some things beyond my expectations. It was an LDS (Mormon) Young Woman Personal Progress Necklace, an antique queen like ring and a gold Masonic pin with The Order of the Eastern Star engraved with the year 1922. I feel like I hit the jackpot!