Cody Country


"When I fly, to me it feels like I am traveling far and each place I visit feels disconnected, like a remote island. It feels like I have crossed a huge canyon and everything should be different and new.

But when I drive, I can see the gradual change in landscape, weather, culture and people. I know how to walk back where I started, even if it takes me a really long time. The places I visit driving do not feel so remote. Still different, but also connected to the starting point."

This Lukas thought touched me deeply. Every sentence just makes sense. Sense of understanding a change and environment around us. If I would take a flight now from Oakland to Cody, I would be shocked by a sparsely populated state, where the lives of people pass slowly.

Now, mile by mile, while we observe people becoming a rarity around us and animals are taking their space, the change just feels natural and we do not feel lonely at all.

We have not collected a huge amount of pictures while traveling through Cody county , but it definitely left the biggest impression. The feelings of wilderness, vastness of life but emptiness at the same time - I can not describe them using prose anymore and jump to poetry instead.

Hi, it's me
and some wild mustangs behind running free.

And some snakes rattling at my feet
like roots pulling me down deep

I feel so incredible me,
just standing in front of this wilderness free.

-- Marija