Peak to Peak Scenic Byway


We have slowed down our journey and we are more often simply staying in our small home and working on the things we want instead of concentrating on paid projects only. Because of this, we have finally sorted our pictures, caught up with our blog so it is actually following the states along us and addressed our personal needs, like yoga classes, reading, haircuts and checking in with friends and doctors.

Let's be honest, it did not happen because we are especially organized in our everyday life. I would love it to be that way. The actual reason we started taking care of our own needs is because the winter slowed us down. Lots of roads are closed for the season and it is harder to find where to stay and what to do since the outdoor activity options are now limited.

So we started to look for fun in thrift stores, local coffee houses, on RV site community boards, museums, libraries and USPS offices. One thing we found was a Halloween party in our campground and we took it seriously. Lukas came up with idea to dress as bureaucrats, and scare all RV contractors and freelancers. We visited a thrift shop to find some clothes, bought treats and headed to the party. There three things happened:

  1. The party ended in an hour right after the food was gone and this lowered my mood by one level. But we still chatted with two interesting residents.
  2. During the party, nobody understood that we were wearing costumes, and kept asking us where our costumes are.
  3. We decided to continue partying just the three of us in our own trailer, so we stayed in our costumes, lighted up our RV with some party lights and continued dancing and playing cards along silly "office party" conversations. It was a really great Halloween celebration wrapped up with my MUST - watching "Hocus Pocus" in the dark!

Besides Halloween, we finally figured out why this cold weather was catching up with us. Arctic temperatures across the country hit record lows. Cold blast was rolling from Rocky mountains toward east coast and chased us all along the way.

To wrap up, I can say that joy and holiday moods have started developing in everyday life.

P. S. Our friend Tautvydas visited us in Denver for a great Claude Monet exhibition. And of course no way we would let him go without a small party!