New York


When you can drive your truck into the middle of Manhattan from New Jersey in 25 minutes and park it right next to MoMA on the street, you know something is different about New York.

New York was the liveliest city that we have visited since February, but still it did not feel like the same city we visited many years ago. The hastily built shacks that serve as outdoor seating for restaurants on the street and the lack of people definitely take a lot away from its usual charm. On the other hand, our main goal this time was not sightseeing, but visiting our friends that have moved to New York from San Francisco and at least we have accomplished that.

One question we have been hearing constantly is how do we keep traveling through the cities that have not too long ago been the epicenters of the pandemic. The more typical way to travel is from country to country, through airports, hotels, public transportation, eat only in restaurants and enjoy dense areas. But this normal method is on pause right now.

Another way of traveling is in your car with your home attached behind you. Most of the time it is only your family and nature around you. Besides shopping for groceries and hiking in the empty nature trails, you hardly do anything more than anyone who is staying at home. And as far as New York goes, we were able to park our home next to the Statue of Liberty!

Even if the worst case scenarios occupy our minds sometimes, we are thankful that we can keep moving.