New Hampshire


New Hampshire was even more vibrant than Vermont because we arrived at peak fall season. The photos might look like they were heavily altered, but they are very representative of the colors we experienced.

The highlight of New Hampshire was undoubtedly the Mount Washington Cog Railway. Even though in absolute terms the mountain is not that high with a peak altitude of 6,288ft (1,916m), the highest wind speed in the world was registered here in 1934 and no other place has beat it so far. The railway itself also holds impressive statistics - some sections of the railway reach 37% grade with an average grade of 25%. And it was built purely for recreational purposes in 1866!

Other than that, we went looking for the most notable icon of the state - the "Old Man of the Mountain" that sits on every license plate in New Hampshire. Turns out the face of the old man collapsed in 2003. It was funny that lots of people are still looking at the mountain trying to see the figure of the face, but there is nothing there.

Our stay in New Hampshire was brief, but the pictures are breathtaking nevertheless.