Our first Thanksgiving with Vėjas. So many things to be grateful for. And the first one is for this trip. It's almost a hundred days of traveling and so many adventures, that we have already started to forget.

So for the record, our first idea for thanksgiving was not to celebrate at all. Friends and family are not around and we are in the middle of nowhere with the smallest table possible. The weather is cold, rainy and we are staying in an RV park that looks more like a construction site in an empty field than a park. But as the holidays got closer, we felt like no way are we setting this kind of example for our new family.

Recently I have finished a book by Brene Brown "Daring Grately" which was about the difference between happiness (momentum) and joy (long). In order to experience joy in life you need to practice gratitude. It was a great opportunity to do so! So all together on Wednesday we jumped into the truck and rushed to the city for essentials.

First - food. Our festive menu selection was not very wide (remember the small table!) And it is only two of our family members who eat solid food. Turkey does not fit our small oven, whole chicken was sold out, so we were each stuck with a cornish hen. Besides grocery shopping and flora, we visited Goodwill. There we picked some old DVDs because we can not stream movies and vintage glasses for desert wine from Washington. After this, Walmart for festive lights for $2.46!

Thursday morning started with "Stand by me"(1986) and breakfast in bed. Then we continued cooking and baking all day long and watching other movies. Lots of breaks and champagne pauses in between. After the dinner finale, we wrapped up the evening with one more movie and dessert.

It was a great day and we set the tone for our future family celebrations in our family of three!