North Cascades Loop


Going to the city nowadays feels similar to "going to the city" 200 years ago, when Mary Ingalls from "Little House on the Prairie" was going to the spelling competition and her mom sow her a special dress for this occasion.

I am not saying that it is difficult to get to the city. I am just trying to portray that special moment when you spend the majority of time in the woods and finally arrive at the city and can put on your best outfit.

We left our hearts in Seattle. This experience of an amazing city made us think about why we left the city living in the first place. What is the purpose of this trip you may ask?

I would approach this question a little bit more philosophically and say: to slow down the time.

I think you all know that all big decisions do not develop fast, but they can be made in a blink of an eye. We never had a desire to live in an RV full time, quit jobs and put ourselves in such a fragile economical and physical environment. How did we end up like this? Step by step, I would say.

First of all - comfort zones. After following work careers, upgrading living spaces, making great friends, traveling, eating delicious food and doing all the stuff people do in their busy lives, we were stuck. Stuck in a comfort zone where everything is so thought through, planned, and organized, that there is no place or time for new ideas and energy. We decided to go without a plan. We probably know where we are going to be tomorrow and that's about it nowadays.

Secondly - Vėjas has arrived. He is our first child and we do not want to miss this opportunity to experience human development first hand. Nearly every day we find something new to get excited about.

Third - unsuccessful house hunting. We have dedicated all our weekends for eight months for open houses around the Bay Area. After lot of counting, calculating, dreaming, discussing, seeing, imagining, and making failed offers, we lost hope somewhere between Orinda & Oakland right before Vėjas was born.

Finally, once again I came to the thought, that life without struggle is incomplete. When you are not challenged enough by work, creative projects, relationships or something else, life seems pointless. Lukas felt this way for quite a while. Me - more recently, when I realized that no matter how I would challenge myself, all the time for challenges will be consumed by Vejas anyway.

So finally, when you know, you know. And this is what we knew - IT IS SO RIGHT TO DO IT NOW.