Olympic Loop


It is time to explain what all these strange post titles mean! They are names of scenic routes across the United States in our adventure book. I bet there are thousands of books better than the one we often hold in our hands. BUT this one is a special one.

Five years ago, while getting lost on San Francisco streets for one of the first times, I picked up a thrown away book from the ground. Locals leave books on the sides of the streets when they move or do seasonal nesting at home. So I picked up the book and brought it home. Of course I never found time to read it. It was simply an instinct to grab what is free.

This book was moving with us from one place to another. It was always on the edge of being donated or thrown out but some magic pull was always bringing it to a new home. It collected dust without use on the shelves with a mysterious smile on its pages.

Finally, its day came! The book became a guide to explore and discover the whole country. Its magic is now all around us and it builds memories. The pages of this book are touched dozens of times per day and paragraphs are read out loud.

We will save this book to pass on to Vėjas, so maybe one day he will repeat his first year trip with his children. Vėjas can give this book one more glorious opportunity to be useful.

I wonder how often this book has already been used for trips? No doubt, at least once for a really long journey!

Everything happens for a reason, even picking up a trashy book from the street. Every action has a reaction.

P. S. I have discovered random prison reviews on Google Maps while looking through points of interest in an Indian reservation. Super funny. Go have a look.