Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway


Apart from looking at numerous falls and lakes, we were thinking deeply about time. Where does the time disappear? We were wondering if it is the RV lifestyle or parenting that is consuming our days.

We only have three basic scenarios for all our days so far. All of them start with waking up, making breakfast and having a shower. But then we have different options. Let me walk you through them.

Scenario #1, the travel scenario. We jump into the car, drive somewhere, hike, eat lunch, drive some more, see something else, drive back, cook dinner, eat, spend some time with Vėjas and put him to sleep, clean the dishes and scroll through the news in bed if we are lucky enough to have internet.

Scenario #2, the work scenario. Basically we start working as soon as possible. In between the work we play with Vėjas (either voluntarily or on hard to ignore Vėjas demands) and then cook lunch, eat, do laundry, work some more, cook dinner, eat, review travel pictures/videos or work more, post something or work more, read for Vėjas, and finally calm down in the evening or work some more... Sleep.

Scenario #3, the moving scenario - pack, drive, unpack, eat, sleep.

These scenarios play out at random, but essentially the same question remains: where did my time disappear?

All the dreams and ambitions of playing the guitar, reading all the time, being lazy, doing yoga and meditating, cooking crazy long recipes and getting bored again are disappearing like an illusion.

We still hope that after our routine stabilizes, we will be able to include these activities in our daily scenarios, but for now every spare second between things and during them, Vėjas is occupying with his gorgeous smile, feedings, diaper changes, cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles.

So is it RVing or is it childcare?

P. S. This loop had two more amazing things happen: first, our friends Anna and Aj visited us at Crater Lake and, secondly, we met a lovely six person family on the RV site just because they had an Airstream too. Great minds think alike.