Mount Shasta - Cascade Loop


Even when we rushed to escape California with its high taxes and really bad burgers on the road, we still managed to visit some places while we were there. It was Mount Shasta - Cascade loop! Driving through Lassen National Forest, stopping at Burney falls, then continuing through Modoc National Forest and wraping it up with Lava Beds was a very fast and impressive beginning.

I will not start telling you here how beautiful it was and what is worth to see or not. It's a waste of time and probably our tastes are different anyway.

What we can tell you, is how hard it was to pack before leaving, how optimistic we were trying to set the camp up fully just for one night and how there was no time for cooking when you try to manage driving 450 miles in 3 days.

So from the beginning.

Our departure was not as smooth as we assumed it would be. There were lots of things to take care of like mail, bank cards (if they expire while you travel and you have no address), health insurance, stuff you have and want to keep safe while away, plants, clothes and the list is just endless... Anyway, when you think you nailed it all, there is always SOMETHING MORE. In our case it was Vėjas vaccination which did not happen as we planned, some important gadgets which were left in the storage by mistake and proper clothing for four seasons which we are struggling with right now. But I can't complain, because Oregon without sales taxes is ahead :D. So lesson number one - no matter how hard you plan, there will always be something you haven't done and you have to let it go. But plan anyway!

When we were thinking through, what we are going to need for camping, we had a couple of items in mind. Previously, we were not much into camping so I thought a nice table with benches was a must for me, cause those dusty ones at the campgrounds do not satisfy my cleanliness police department. Also, a washable mat and lounge chairs, hammock, grill and a couple of other devices I have no idea how to use. So our first stop of course meant taking all the stuff out to try. And it was a nightmare for us and a patience exam for baby Vėjas, who was watching it all from the bouncer. So mistake number two and lesson learnt from it - you don't need all the stuff out if you are not planning to stay longer than three nights.

Lesson #3 was rushing. It would have been much more pleasant if we had not rushed in the beginning. Since we were in a hurry to leave California, (and there is no reason for that, just Lukas desire) we did not think through our menu. And eating on the way was a really terrible option, since northern California is not famous for avocado toasts on its way.

My stomach was giving up by the Oregon's border. Chicken wings and burgers don't help you stay looking well for the video updates.

Overall, the beginning was very optimistic and fast. We loved it anyway. And you can see all the good stuff in our pictures.