Natchez Trace Parkway is a 444-mile scenic drive from Nashville through Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi ending at a town called Natchez. There are recreational stops along the way, but the road looks more or less the same all the way - just a well maintained road winding through forests. Historically it has been used by pretty much everyone even before it was paved: American Indians, European settlers, slave traders and soldiers. However, we will remember it probably only for the dent in the roof of our trailer from hitting a branch.

We have been listening to a podcast lately about the conspiracy theory that CIA wrote the song "Winds of Change" for Scorpions. Most likely this is just another folk tale, but American culture in the form of music and movies has definitely shaped how we see the country from the outside. Growing up in Lithuania in the 90s and 2000s made me believe that USA was a country that has its shit together, everyone is educated, there are no poor people and in general everyone respects each other. Oh how wrong I was.

If CIA did write "Winds of Change", does it really matter? Maybe. After the initial denial comes the frustration that you have been manipulated and lied to. I think I felt the same emotions when I moved permanently to the United States - I have been presented a completely incorrect picture of the place and it made me very frustrated for a long time. But over time I have accepted it for whatever it is and realized that no place is perfect - you just have to learn for yourself what is important to you and what you can tolerate.

As for Mississippi, to me it is a state where all your dreams about the United States collapse: flat, humid, no attractions or special places to visit. Basically, a cheaper version of Florida to pursue your retirement dreams.