Everything we touched in Delaware had something to do with the DuPont family. Their wealth had transformed the area. We were able to visit their breathtaking botanical gardens and historical gunpowder mills where the DuPont corporation started over 200 years ago.

I came here with negative associations with the DuPont name. A couple of years ago I watched the movie "Bad Waters" that unveils how DuPont corporation poisoned the world with Teflon. I remember changing all of my Teflon pans immediately to iron cast. But the full story about the corporation remains a secret.

Even after the brief visit, Delaware state remains a mystery to me. A state with more registered corporations than the number of people. Have you heard of the Delaware Loophole? Why is it even a separate state and why does it have a northern border the shape of a semicircle? I did not even realize I entered Delaware until the gunpowder mill tour guide pointed out that we are not in Pennsylvania anymore.