As we have mentioned before, traveling through the states is very subtle. The nothingness between the major cities varies. Nothing in Nevada, nothing in Kansas and nothing in Iowa are different kinds of nothingness.

That brought me to a thought about different kinds of emptiness we have within ourselves. Feeling nothing when you are exhausted, sad and betrayed or feeling nothing when you are calm and peaceful are very different states. While counting miles through the deserts, grass fields and corn fields, I have started feeling the difference between different types of emptiness and different types of nothingness. It is never the case that there is nothing at all - there is always air and even air can vary.

P.S. The only lasting impression that Iowa left for me is the CORN. If you think that corn is just a boring everyday vegetable, you will never think the same way again after tasting it in Iowa. I was laughing at this statement before I tried it. OMG, it was something special. Life changing experience, believe me!