North Dakota


North Dakota, like its sister South Dakota, contained mostly grassfields and lots of buffalos. We visited the only national park on the west side and then drove east across empty highways for the next couple of days.

The only noticeable thing in this landscape are the oil pumps. There was a recent oil boom in North Dakota and it greatly expanded some of the towns from thousands of people to tens of thousands. As a result, the RV park we stayed at asked how old our trailer was before booking. They would not let anyone stay with a trailer that is more than 10 years old and that is their way of filtering out unwanted oil rig workers. The assumption is that these workers buy the oldest and cheapest mobile homes.

Is denying you residence based on your type of work a form of discrimination? Most certainly, but probably not illegal. Interestingly, the RV park owner has himself worked in the oil fields. I am confused myself what to think about this situation, but it is funny that I was not filtered out for working in oil and gas myself.