Canyon Loops


After Nevada we arrived at Utah - a state of red rocks, canyons and Mormons.

We drove along the Zion Canyon Loop through the national park and then up north to nice and quiet Cedar City. We needed groceries and I made my way to the store. This was the time when the panic had just started elevating due to the virus. As I stepped into the store, it was like I entered the TV series "Handmaid's Tale": gorgeous women walking in lines behind each other, wearing long one tone, modest dresses, with perfect hairstyles and Mona Lisa smiles on their faces.

I could not find most of the items on my shopping list on the half-empty store shelves: no potatoes, no eggs, no milk, no water, no toilet paper. On the way back home I felt like I did not accomplish the task of taking care of my family.

It was still too cold to stay in the mountains of Utah in March. Additionally, it was emotionally hard to be surrounded by people who are ready for the end of the world and have supplies for another year, while I do not even have wet napkins to clean Vėjas butt. We made the decision to come back to Arizona until the weather gets warmer and the actual travel season starts in May.

It was not the first time that the Grand Canyon was on our map, but it was still majestic! In the meantime, the situation in the world kept deteriorating. So after the Grand Canyon we went to Flagstaff and this is where we are stuck now by choice and because of the circumstances. Even if we rarely meet people on the road, there is little reason to travel when most of the recreational sites are closed either because of the virus or the cold.

Flagstaff is a great place to take a pause. We have a mountain view through our window and plenty of hikes just outside our campsite. We have a cozy yard around the Airstream, and, finally, an address for a couple of packages to arrive. We will be updating you soon with our quarantined life, and, for now, enjoy the remaining pictures from the road!