New Mexico's Scenic South


Before we even started our journey in August, I was constantly telling my family and friends a joke that I somewhat believed in. I told them that I am tired of working as a software engineer at a computer in an office and I will find myself a job in the oil fields as a laborer, most likely somewhere in the fields of Texas.

The thoughts have actually materialized and I have started working at an oil and gas startup two weeks ago. I did not specifically seek out jobs in the oil industry, nor did I believe I have enough industry experience for this job when I applied, but it all worked out. To be honest, I am not a laborer, I am still a software engineer, but at least I am working in my own RV. The flexibility and responsibility I was given makes me happy to be working full-time on software again.

The CEO of the startup came down to El Paso to visit us and we went on a trip to the white sands monument, one of the places we were most excited to visit on our journey. The white sands monument is a field of white sand dunes made of gypsum crystals. These are the largest dunes of gypsum in the world. You are free to walk anywhere and enjoy the white sand reflecting the extreme light from the sun. I could hardly see anything since I have lost my favorite sunglasses somewhere in Houston.

Other than that, we have enjoyed the mood of New Mexico. It is mostly a scenic desert, it has a lot of military bases with missile launch pads and even the first atomic bomb was tested here at Trinity Site not too far from the white sand dunes. Hopefully we can visit the Trinity Site in April when we come back - it is still wintertime in the northern hemisphere and we decided to skip the snow this time and head to Arizona instead.

This post was written by our guest writer Lukas.