Texas Hill Country


Hill Country with its own ups and downs carried us through the holiday season. A lot happened so let's dive in.

Right before Christmas friends of Lukas arrived at the Houston airport: Arnas, Margarita and Sofia (just three days older than Vėjas). We were keen to show how great the service is in the United States. Unfortunately, during our first dinner we had to find and key in our own orders in the tablet of the waiter.

Afterwards, we headed towards Austin. We celebrated our traditional Lithuanian Christmas Eve all together in a beautiful AirBnB sanctuary house. We had twelve dishes on the table and four adults exhausted from cooking.

I have never cooked all the dishes by myself. I took the responsibility of being the main chef in the kitchen and sucked all the Christmas spirit out of our dearest friends. Anyway, our bellies were full of delicious food and now I know for sure that holidays are not about food. Well, maybe only about "pyragėliai" with mushrooms and poppy seeds.

So after Christmas, we headed to Austin, met some local Lithuanians for lunch and then towards San Antonio through Texas Hill Country. What can I say... Wineries? Closed. Hills to climb? Permits required and are all taken. San Antonio? Great! But Dallas was better.

Traveling with our new buddies made us remember where we started four months ago. Even if taking care of everyone's needs felt a little stressful and frustrating at times, it was a great addition to the end of the year to see how far we have come and how many lessons about living on the road we have already learned along the way. However, this does not mean we did not enjoy sharing our adventure. It is amazing to travel with friends and it made us realize, that two babies at once are manageable.

During New Years Eve we sat next to our RVs with sleeping babies in them and waited for the fireworks. Just when the clock turned 00:00, Vėjas woke up for some food and I spent watching the fireworks from the window of our trailer bedroom nursing. But I am not complaining - I would say it was a great moment!

2019 brought Vėjas, gypsy lifestyle and endless adventures to our lives and we are looking forward to 2020 to enjoy it fully. Happy New Year to everyone!